J2 Engine Enamels

Cast Iron GreyChevolet OrangeChrysler BlueCummins BeigeEngine GreyFord Chrysler RedFord Dark BlueG.M BlueG.M Blue LightInternational BlueUniversal BlackUniversal Red

Alkyd/nitrocellulose based paints with special selection of pigments and resins to provide greater resistance to heat as well as gasoline and high hiding. All colours have heat resistance of up to 260 C (500 F) Fan spray valves comes in a variety of colours

Fan Spray Valve                    Acrylic Based Danvern Fan Spray

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Special Instructions

Clean the area to be painted free of dust and excess grease or oil. Hold can 8″ to 12″ from surface.  Spray in short, overlapping strokes to obtain even coverage.

Do not use a continuous spray. It is better to apply two light coats than one heavy coat. Spray second coat within ½ hour or         wait 48 hours for the paint to fully cure. If you miss the ½ hour “window”, the second coat may cause the paint to react and leave the paint with an “orange peel” effect.

Dry Time (under normal conditions)

Set to Touch      5-9 minutes            Tack Free     20-30 minutes

Hard Dry      2 Hours                        Full Cure Time – 48 hours


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