Shark Bite (Premium Body Filler) (BSB)


High performance, lightweight body filler with outstanding multi-surface adhesion to steel (including galvanized), aluminum, E-coat, SMC, fiberglass, and sanded/cured primer and paint. Ultra-smooth, pinhole-free finish saves time and money. No need to grind off factory corrosion-protecting coatings. Sanding to bare metal not required. EZ-Sand formula with a long window of cheese grating/sanding time. Won’t clog paper. Tack/stain free/saves glaze. Smooth, creamy, EZ sanding, pinhole-free finish. Shark Bite helps save times, labour and material and results in a superior finished repair. 0.8 U.S. Gallon (3L). Includes one TSBH 2.75 fl. oz. hardener.
Tech Tips
 The correct mix ratio for body filler is 98% filler and 2% hardener (50 parts filler to 1 part hardener). Body level does not level and flow as much as glaze when it is dispensed onto a mixing pallet. To achieve a 2% hardener ratio, run a straight, uniform bead of hardener across the diameter of the portion of the filler. Remember to thoroughly knead the tube of hardener before dispensing.
 Do not alter hardener ratio to compensate for temperature conditions. Under-hardening results in the filler never achieving the full physical properties. This results in poor adhesion, strength and durability. Over-hardening may result in residual hardener on the sanded surface, which could react with primers and top coats.
 When mixing filler, fold the hardener into the product with a plastic spreader (do not stir). Apply pressure with the spreader during the mixing and application to minimize air entrapment.
Correct Hardener Ratio for Glaze