Skim Coat (Polyester Glazing Putty) (BSC)


Premium 32 oz. high build two-part polyester finishing putty adheres to galvanized metal, E-coat, aluminum, steel, body filler, SMC, fiberglass, and sanded / cured primer and paint. Smooth, creamy, and flowable with good resistance to sagging (will not run) on vertical applications. Tack-free sanding in 15 minutes. Won’t load paper. Excellent resistance to pinholes. May be blended with conventional body filler and putties. No stain/bleed. For use under all paint systems. 32 fl. oz. Includes one TSCH 1 fl. oz. hardener.
• Some companies pack their putties in a 30 oz. bottle that realistically
delivers only 25 oz. (due to bottle design that entraps product).
• Crest’s unique, “smooth wall” squeeze bottle has a 32 oz. megafill that
delivers a full 30 ounces. That is like getting an extra 5 oz. per bottle!
 Other companies have a 24 oz. tube that is 25% smaller than Crest.
In otherwords, 5 bottles of Crest = 6 bottles of theirs!
Bottom Line…..Size Does Matter!

Tech Tips
 The correct mix ratio for finishing glaze is 98% glaze and 2% hardener (50 parts glaze to 1 part hardener). Finishing glaze will level and flow (some more than others) when it is dispensed onto a mixing pallet. To achieve a 2% hardener ratio, run a straight, uniform bead of hardener at least ½ but not more than ¾ across the diameter of the portion of glaze. Remember to thoroughly knead the tube of hardener before dispensing.
 Do not alter hardener ratio to compensate for temperature conditions. Under-hardening results in the glaze never achieving the full physical properties. This results in poor adhesion, strength and durability. Over-hardening may result in residual hardener on the sanded surface, which could react with primers and top coats.
 When mixing glaze, fold the hardener into the product with a plastic spreader (do not stir). Apply pressure with the spreader during the mixing and application to minimize air entrapment.
Correct Hardener Ratio for Glaze