We believe our clients are truly one our greatest assets, and to better serve them, we strive to maintain a knowledgeable and courteous workforce.  We achieve this by keeping up with the latest and most relevant industry trends related to chemical and aerosol products, keeping an eye out for manufacturing practices that lead to product excellence.

It is our belief that being knowledgeable on the industry developments enable us to offer better advice, to facilitate the direction of our clients’ projects. Our goal is to consistently offer our clients the correct, and best products, and being connected to the industry is just one of the ways we ensure our quality commitment!

James Fernandopulle


“James has been steering the success of J2Products for decades, and continues to enrich this business through his wealthspring of experience, signature business practices, along with his presence, and  connectedness to the industry”

Nanthini Fernandopulle

Vice President, General Manager

“Nanthini, a proud mother and manager at J2Products, ensures that your custom colors are exactly the tint that you want, and that our shelves remain stocked. We count on Nanthini to keep us all motivated and energized on the toughest days!”

Rochus Fernandopulle

Vice President – Operations

“Rochus has tirelessly been working as head of operations for many years now. He thrives in his role, ensuring that business is running smoothly! As the operations man., Rochus graciously wears many hats to do whatever he can to positively impact the business”

Steve Najem

Vice President – Sales and Marketing

“Coupled with growing our product offering and client base, Steve is also responsible for our J2MAAS Division, and maintains expertise in this unique product offering. Always happy to speak about technical aspects of our products, Steve enjoys conversing with clients, and finding a great solution for everyone. No client or question ever goes unattended under his watch!”

Ivor Pavamani

Director, Finance and Accounting

“Ivor is the person responsible for making sure there is financial viability and flow within our company, and is one of our hidden superstars! Balancing the books is just one of his many talents, making Mr. Pavamani an invaluable member of our team.”

Wani Makmalan
Client Services Specialist

“Wani is the one you’re most likely to hear when you call us. She is energetic, optimistic, and handles all inquiries with her praiseworthy attitude and service orientedness. Mrs. Makmalan is constantly going above and beyond to provide our clients with the best services possible.”