Glass Aids

  • Windshield Molding Retention Tape

    Windshield Molding Retention Tape

    Holds auto glass moldings in place until mounting adhesives properly set. Will remain on car in broad temperature range (-40 degrees to 180 degrees). Perforated type has “Remove within 24 hours printed on roll and perforations every 6 inches. 1.5” x 108’...
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  • SALE

    Prima Clean

    Primaclean windshield prep is for urethane and butyl installations. Removes mold release agents and other contaminants from glass and frit, ensuring maximum adhesion of primer. Quart
    MSRP: $50.00
    Was: $50.00
    Now: $40.00
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  • Fast Set Urethane

    Fast Set Urethane

    A one part fast curing high strength, high viscosity adhesive/sealant for bonding windshields, backlights, and stationary glass. Ideal for full cut-out installations without the need for dams or shims. Its heavy bodied, high viscosity formula will not...
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  • Blades for Fein Tool and Air Cut-Out Knife

    W118 – ¾” Hook W147 – 1 3/16” Hook W107 – 2 3/8” Hook W111 – 3 3/4” Hook W081 – 2 5/16” Straight W146 – Front Scraper W122 – Saw Blade Kit W126 – 2 ½” Saw Blade (2) Special-order blades also available
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  • Air Cut-Out Knife

    Compact design. Easy to operate in tight areas. Will cut around flush mounted or encapsulated urethane set gloss. Fast cutting with 20,000 oscillations per minute. Operating pressure 90 p.s.i. includes 2” straight blade.
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  • Glass Chisel

    Glass Chisel

    For pinchweld cleanup. Rugged aluminum handle will not come loose. Solid blade forged from high grade alloy steel.
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  • Glass Setting Tape (All Rubber)

    For setting door glass, vent windows. Seals against water, wind and vibration. Easy setting. Easy trim. 1.5” Wx100’L RGR1 – (1/32)” RGR2 – (3/64)” RGR3 – (1/16)” RGR4 – (5/64)”
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  • Universal Urethane Primer

    Universal Urethane Primer

    A black, polyurethane, one-step, fast drying universal primer formulated to bond to Crest CSF Fast Set Urethane, as well as to metal pinchwelds, clear glass, plastic or metal encapsulated glass and glass frit bands. Ensures maximum adhesion and provides...
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  • Liquid Rubber (Glass Sealer)

    a permanently tacky, soft, rubber based windshield sealer. It is specially formulated for auto, truck and trailer rubber gasket windshields and backlites. Bonds to wet or dry surfaces. Flexible and waterproof. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH URETHANE SEALANT. 16 fl...
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  • Cold Knife

    WCK features – Cold knife. Strong, comfortable handle. Steel pull cable. Includes WCB141 blade. WCKP features – Push button cold knife. Quick release push button system. Push the button in the end of the knife to release the blade. Quick and easy...
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  • Single Sided Foam Dam Tape 1

    Single Sided Foam Dam Tape 1

    Designed to go around the inner edge of the pinchweld. Prevents urethane from flowing down inside the vehicle. Adhesive on one side allows the glass to be adjusted. 6mm x 6mm x 20’
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