Hand Care & Shop Aids

  • Flexi-Roll (XFR)

    Flexi-Roll (XFR)

    Sound deadening mat. Designed to replace trunk mat and restore OEM appearance. Very flexible, when heated melts to conform to any contour. Can be easily trimmed to any size or shape. .050” x 33” x 54” Rolled Sheet. Flexible and paintable. Peel and stick...
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  • Strip Caulk (XSB)

    Strip Caulk (XSB)

    Permanently pliable. Will not crack or harden. Adheres perfectly as a feather edge or plug. Shop size bead. Paintable. (12 per case) ¼” x 12” 50 Beads. Black.
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  • Crest Foam Cushion (ZFC)

    Protect your knees from cement with this oil resistant, high-density, closed-cell, vinyl nitrile, sponge rubber cushion. For use in the shop or at home. 14” x 16” x 1 ½”
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  • Clean Sheets (Mixing Palette)

    Clean Sheets (Mixing Palette)

    Non-porous sheets for mixing epoxy, filler and touch-up paint. Spreader attached. Eliminates contamination of repair materials. Saves time. (12 per case) PMP – 8 ½” x 11 ¾” Mix Area (100 Sheets) PMPJ – 12” x 17” Mix Area (100 sheets)
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  • Mixing Cups

    Mixing Cups

    Printed with many of the most popular mixing ratios. Provides an accurate and economical way to mix and store paint products. Available in quart or pint sizes. Cups and lids sold separately. PMX32 – Quart Mixing Cup PMX16 – Pint Mixing Cup PLIDMX32 –...
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  • Cut-Off Wheel (WCO)

    Cut-Off Wheel (WCO)

    Metal reinforced. Rated at 25,000 RPM. Cuts body panels, exhaust systems and rust-seized bolts. 3” Dia x 1/16” Thick 3/8” Hole (Sold individually / Full box quantity = 100)
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  • Surface Conditioning Disk / Disk Holder

    Removes paint, oxidation, burrs. Cleans gasket residue from blocks, heads, valve covers. Small diameter for accuracy and control. Disks can be used with air or electric drill. PO55037 – Conditioning Disk, Thread-Loc 2” Diameter. Course PO55103 – Disk...
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  • Trim-Kut Grinding Disc

    Trim-Kut Grinding Disc

    Uniquely designed grinding disc that can be trimmed when necessary, to produce a new sharp cutting edge. These discs are rated up to 28,000 RPM and work with a variety of tools with the proper adapter. (25 per box) WTK324 – 3” Diameter/24...
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  • Acid Brushes (WAB)

    Acid Brushes (WAB)

    General purpose acid brushes. Ideal for Crest Brushable Seam Sealer (BJN and BJBQ). 12 brushes in one box of WAB).Can also be used when spreading Ashland Pliogrip and other 2-part epoxies.
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  • Plastic Body Spreader (PPS)

    Plastic Body Spreader (PPS)

    Mix and apply repair compounds. PPS – 2 ¾” x 4” (50 Spreaders = One PPS) PPSB – 2 ¾” x 4” (50 Spreaders = One PPSB) PPS6 – 3 ½” x 6” (25 Spreaders = One PPS6)
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