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  • Etch-Coat (Self Etching Primer) (APE, APEG, APEB)

    Etch-Coat (Self Etching Primer) (APE, APEG, APEB)

    High-solids, self etching primer in gray and “E-coat matching” green and black. Designed to be applied over bare steel, chrome, stainless and aluminum. It provides adhesion for additional primers and/or top coats. Saves time and waste. 15 oz. Aerosol APE...
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  • Weld Seal / Prima Weld (ASW & BPW)

    Weld Seal / Prima Weld (ASW & BPW)

    Weld Seal (ASW) - Heavy duty, zinc rich, fast drying weld-thru primer. Restores factory zinc coatings on inner panels and underbody areas. It is highly resistant to salt corrosion and water. Weld Seal dries to the touch in about five minutes 12 oz...
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  • Bumper Coat (AF1 & AF2)

    Bumper Coat (AF1 & AF2)

    Black flexible bumper coat matches factory finish for urethane or rubber bumpers. Excellent adhesion/flexibility. Recoats bumpers, filler panels, moldings, fiberglass, metals and underhood plastics. 12.25 oz. Aerosol AF-1 – Gloss Black AF-2 – Satin Black
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  • Web Stik Trim Cement (AWS)

    Web Stik Trim Cement (AWS)

    Adjustable spray tip sprays a "cobweb" pattern with 3 settings from narrow (l) to wide (h). High strength formula designed to hold heavy carpet, upholstery, headliners and vinyl roofs. Hi heat resistance and waterproof. Ideal for general automotive trim...
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  • Bumper Coat (BFB)

    Bumper Coat (BFB)

    Black coating with superior adhesion and flexibility. Can be used as a primer or as a finish coat on flexible parts such as urethane or rubber bumpers. Low gloss matches most domestic and foreign OEM finishes. Quart
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  • Prima Flex (Flexible Primer Surfacer) (APF)

    Light gray flexible primer surface for flexible bumpers, plastics, fiberglass and metal. High-solids to build and fill quickly. Fast drying, easy sanding. Resists chipping and cracking. Helps prevent “bullseyes” and highlights. Use under acrylic lacquer...
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  • Black Chip Coat (ACB)

    Black Chip Coat (ACB)

    Superior protection for rocker panels. Its textured coating is fast drying, tough and paintable. Tough, fast dry, paintable. Provides a subtle texture. Protects lower body surfaces from chipping and corrosion. 13 ¾ oz. Aerosol
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  • Auto Coat (Paintable Rubber Undercoat) (BAC)

    Auto Coat (Paintable Rubber Undercoat) (BAC)

    A rubberized automotive underbody coating with sound deadening qualities and built in rust/corrosion protection. Dries quickly with excellent adhesion to most bare or painted metal surfaces. Can be painted when dry. Contains no asphalt 28 fl oz.
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  • Honey Coat (Rustproofing) (AHC)

    Honey Coat (Rustproofing) (AHC)

    Paraffin wax base Amber Rustproofing Spray specially formulated to seep into seams and crevices, providing superior long lasting protection against rust and corrosion. Remains pliable. Will not crack or chip. 16.5 fl oz. WAHC – Flexible 360° Spray Wand...
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  • Black Out (Rubberized Undercoat) (ABO)

    Black Out (Rubberized Undercoat) (ABO)

    Rubberized undercoat Excellent for wheel wells, frame rails, undercarriages, fenders and other underbody surfaces. Fast drying formula that stays flexible and will not crack or chip. Also works well as a sound dampening coating for door skins. 16 oz...
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