Operating Standards

As a leader in the Canadian aerosol distribution industry, we are proud to supply products that are free of all harmful ozone depleting chlorofluorocarbon (CFC), ensuring that our environment is not harmed through the use of our products. Corporate citizenship is highly important to us, and we work hard to maintain a safe, clean work environment for our staff members, so they can serve you better!
In our lifetime, maintaining ourselves as a small business facing larger scale competition proved to be a huge challenge, especially following the 2008 recession. However, our commitment to our clients, and upholding standards such as ISO 9001 certification since 1996, has empowered us to persevere.
With a core team dedicated to service excellence,  we provide our clients with great products at truly competitive price points. We achieve this by using our industry knowledge to secure top products at volume, so that our clients can enjoy the best of quality, and  value.
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