Aerosol Paints

  • J2 Engine Enamels Paints

    J2 Engine Enamels Paints

    Features:• Authentic color selection• Automotive applications Weight: 340g/ 12 ounce Specifications:   Package  Aerosol Spray Can Product Type J2 A200 Series Temperature Class - Preferred Application...
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  • Cold Zinc Galvanizing

    Cold Zinc Galvanizing

    A cold galvanizing primer that contains 93% Type I inorganic zinc in the dried paint film. Resists oxidation, and the galvanizing protection continues even if scratched. Can be topcoated for maximum durability. Meets or exceeds the performance...
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  • Fresh-N-Quick Multi-Purpose Spray Paint

    Fresh-N-Quick Multi-Purpose Spray Paint

      Product Details   A high quality spray paint available in a wide range of popular colors and economically priced. Black and white available in a gloss or a flat finish. It covers well, dries fast, and holds up well outdoors. Bare or rusted...
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  • Tee, Log & Industrial Marker

    Tee, Log & Industrial Marker

    Product Description   A highly visible marking paint that produces a concentrated, narrow spray for marking at longer distances. Long lasting, safe for trees, and adheres well to wet wood. Color selection is approved by the logging and lumber...
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  • Farm and Equipment

    Farm & Equipment Line

    Product Details:   A heavy duty farm tractor and implement paint that is available in many popular manufacturer colors. This high solids formulation has excellent hiding qualities, protects against fading, and is heat and gas resistant. For maximum...
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  • MRO High Solid Premium Line

    MRO High Solid Premium Line

    PLEASE CALL FOR PRICING   A superior industrial spray paint formulated for maintenance operations where maximum performance is required. This high solids paint does not run or sag, and gives twice the coverage of conventional spray paints. Can be...
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  • J2 Water Based Acrylic Enamel

    PLEASE CALL FOR SPECIAL PRICING Product Description: Formulated with the best paint pigments J2 water-based paints deliver acrylic enamel durability for your interior and exterior paint projects with the convenience of easy soap and water overspray clean...
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  • J2 Lacquer

    J2 Lacquer

    Features: • Excellent coverage, adhesion and durability over bare or painted surfaces• Interior or exterior use• Provides a hard, durable protective shield Weight: 340g/ 12 ounce Specifications:   Package  Aerosol Spray...
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  • J2 Stencil Ink

    J2 Stencil Ink

    An ultra-opaque, fast-drying stencil ink for marking steel,    cartons, boxes and drums. Sprays a sharp, clean edge without smearing, smudging or ripping. The handiest way to applyshipping information, product coding, assembly and maintenance...
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  • J2 Primers

    J2 Primers

    J2's quality primers provide a uniform base for enamel or lacquer finishes, effectively sealing out moisture. These primers offer superior bonding and dry to the touch within minutes. Use      our sandable primers to build up repaired...
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  • J2 Fluorescent

    J2 Fluorescent

    This systems vehicle is comprised of a soft, flexible acrylic polymer and the fluorescent pigments yield hues of extraordinary brightness, producing a sensational appearance. Excellent for construction and surveyor markings, fluorescents may be applied...
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  • J2 Special Colours and Paints

    J2 Special Colours and Paints

    PLEASE CALL FOR PRICING These are premium formally made-to-order colours, but due to their popularity have been made as an off-the-shelf product. Larger volume runs have enabled us to offer attractive pricing. This line of enamels offer excellent colour...
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  • J2 Acrylic Enamels J2 Acrylic Enamels

    J2 Acrylic Enamels

    Features:• Excellent colour retention• Durable• Protection• Lead-free Weight: 340g/ 12 ounce Specifications:   Package Aerosol Spray Can Product Type J2 Acrylic Series Temperature Class - Preferred Application...
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