J2 Products

  • J2 Acrylic Enamels

    J2 Acrylic Enamels

    Features:• Excellent colour retention• Durable• Protection• Lead-free Weight: 340g/ 12 ounce Specifications:   Package Aerosol Spray Can Product Type J2 Acrylic...
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  • J2 Alkyd Enamels

    J2 Alkyd Enamels

    Features: • Bright Colours• Lead-Free• Fade Resistance• Air-Drying Weight: 340g/ 12 ounce Specifications:   Package  Aerosol Spray Can Product Type J2 E...
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  • J2 Lacquer

    Features: • Excellent coverage, adhesion and durability over bare or painted surfaces• Interior or exterior use• Provides a hard, durable protective shield Weight: 340g/ 12...
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  • J2 Metallic Paint

    J2 Metallic Paint

    Features and Application:• Can be used on wood, metal and fiberglass• Interior and Exterior specialty finish• Provides a beautiful hammered metal finish Weight: 340g/ 12...
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  • J2 Primers

    J2 Primers

    J2's quality primers provide a uniform base for enamel or lacquer finishes, effectively sealing out moisture. These primers offer superior bonding and dry to the touch within minutes. Use...
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  • J2 Stencil Ink

    J2 Stencil Ink

    An ultra-opaque, fast-drying stencil ink for marking steel,    cartons, boxes and drums. Sprays a sharp, clean edge without smearing, smudging or ripping. The handiest way to applyshipping...
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  • J2 Water Based Acrylic Enamel

    PLEASE CALL FOR SPECIAL PRICING Product Description: Formulated with the best paint pigments J2 water-based paints deliver acrylic enamel durability for your interior and exterior paint projects with...
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