Quality Policy Statement

Our policy is to provide paints, markers, automotive specialties, finishes, lubricants, related items and services of the highest attainable quality, with an aim of zero errors and 100% on-time delivery performance.

This will be achieved through the use and continual improvement of a documented Quality Management System, the provision of a safe workplace, and through the commitment and participation of all Staff.

Objectives for Quality:

1. Clearly identifying all Customer Requirements and ensuring that they are being met.
2. Conducting quarterly reviews to measure our performance versus all of the documented Quality Procedures included in this document, and initiating action to remedy any deficiencies that may be identified by the quarterly review process.
3. Maintaining a safe and accident-free environment.


The following criteria will be measured as the means of knowing how well we are meeting our Objectives for Quality.

  • Error free delivery of every item on each Purchase Order made by Customers.
  • 100% On time delivery of every item on each Purchase Order made by Customers

In addition, the following non-financial measurements are included in what we consider to be critical to the successful functioning of J2 Products.

1. Delivery Performance Report
2. Credit Note Analysis
3. Customer Complaint forms
5. Accident-free workplace