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  • Rigid Red (TER)

    Rigid Red (TER)

    Two-part rigid repair compound designed for SMC, fiberglass, and other hard plastic parts. Sands quickly and easily in 15 minutes. Non-shrinking formula with built-in adhesion promoters to feather smoothly.
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  • Jet BlaxTer (CMJB)

    Jet BlaxTer (CMJB)

    Mini two component, semi rigid, 1.5 minute setting black epoxy adhesive and repair compound for small “QUICK FIXES”. It has a high strength and superior adhesion for metal, plastics, SMC, carbon fiber, glass, steel, concrete, sanded paint, fiberglass and...
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  • Panel Bonder 3500 (CEPB)

    Panel Bonder 3500 (CEPB)

    Specially formulated, bare metal, two-component epoxy adhesive. Seals and bonds in one application. Developed for panel bonding operations including: quarter panels, roof skins, van sides, box sides, door skins, and other outer body sheet metal. Contains...
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  • Formula 21 Quick Set Adhesive (CFQS)

    Formula 21 Quick Set Adhesive (CFQS)

    Formula 21 products are formulated with Pliogrip Adhesives, which are used many OEM’s in their manufacturing processes. Quick Set Adhesive has a 1.5 minute work time and may be sanded / painted in 10 minutes. For general purpose applications. 7.3 fl oz...
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  • Red Line (CERL)

    Red Line (CERL)

    Rigid epoxy to bond and repair SMC, fiberglass and other rigid plastics. Exceptional high strength, toughness and adhesion, yet sands easily. Seven minute work time. Sand / paint in 30 minutes. 7.3 fl oz. Includes two GTMN mixing nozzles. Application...
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  • Rubber Seam Sealer (CJW)

    Rubber Seam Sealer (CJW)

    Fast dry, permanently flexible, paintable, waterproof, weatherproof, non-sagging, non-straining white seam sealer. Will not crack and excellent feathering qualities. 11 fl. oz. Cartridge.
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  • Ure-Seam Plus (Urethane Seam Sealer) (SUP)

    Grey Sausage Bag Urethane Seam Sealer. The best tooling urethane seam sealer on the market. Instantly paintable, superior strength and flexibility, permanently flexible, tremendous adhesion, zero shrinkage and zero flow. Smooth tooling for exterior...
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  • Two-Part Epoxy (TPE)

    Two-Part Epoxy (TPE)

    Two-part epoxy repair compound designed for flexible plastics. Sands quickly and easily in 15 minutes. Non-shrinking formula with built-in adhesion promoters to feather smoothly.
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  • Flexi-Foam (Two-Part Flexible Urethane) (CFF)

    Flexi-Foam (Two-Part Flexible Urethane) (CFF)

    Eliminates vibrations, sound deadens, fills pillars, 10 to 1 expansion. Zero VOCs. Replaces OEM flexible, acoustic foam which has flexibility and a “memory”. Test OEM material by pressing with thumb. If it compresses and returns to original shape,...
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  • Twin Cartridge Mixing Nozzles

    Twin Cartridge Mixing Nozzles

    GTMN (Green): Universal Nozzle for all 7.3 fl. Oz. and 10 fl. oz. cartridges. Not for: CEPB Panel Bonder 3500 or Mini Twins GPMN (Black): Replacement nozzle for CEPB Panel Bonder 3500. GMMN (Green): Replacement nozzle for Mini Twins (CMQC, CMJB)
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  • Quick Set (CZTEC)

    Quick Set (CZTEC)

    Clear, paintable, 2-part epoxy in an economical duel syringe. Sets in four minutes. Perfect for small cosmetic repairs. Requires no mixing nozzle or applicator gun.
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