Brake Aids

  • Ecto-Lube Synthetic Brake Lube

    Ecto-Lube Synthetic Brake Lube

    100% synthetic brake lube formulation, as specified by OEM, for caliper, backing plate and brake shoe metal-to-metal contact points. Provides superior performance under extreme temperature conditions. Resists melting from heat or sticking in cold...
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  • SALE

    Brake Kleaner

    Removes brake fluid, grease and oil from brake linings, drums, disc brake pads, rotors calipers and other parts. Stops disc brake squeal when caused by contaminants. Cleans brake parts without disassembling. Dries fast, leaves no residue, and...
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    Now: $40.00
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  • X-100 Silicone Paste

    X-100 Silicone Paste

    Insulates, waterproofs ignition systems, hi-tension cables and wires. Preserves brake hoses and dust boots. Prevents rubber from drying and cracking. Lubricates, stops squeaking and sticking of rubber parts. Excellent for weather-strips, fan belts, and...
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  • Copper Brake Lube

    Permanent lubrication for disc brake calipers and backing plate shoe contact points. It provides excellent long lasting lubrication for starter drives. Anti-seize for bolts and studs. Resists moisture, salt, heat, and cold. Hi-temperature resistance up...
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