Fast strong pre-sanding solvent with “Anti-Stat” additive to reduce chance of static spark. Aerosol gives 100% delivery to surface and prevents reapplication of contaminants that can occur with wipers. Leaves surface clean and dry with no oily film. Safe on emanels, lacquers, basecoat/clearcoat and urethane finishes 17-1/4 oz aerosol 12/case
Advantages of Aerosol Acry-Solv with Competing Bottle and Liquid Brand
1. No chance of Spillage / Great for Mobile Glass & Trim Installers.

2. Delivers 100% of Solvent to Surface.

A soaked cloth / towel can only deliver about 25% solvent to the surface per wipe. After 2 wipes, rag is too dry and more solvent must be added. The rag method is only about 50% efficient.

3. Eliminates Surface Contamination.

Only clean, contamination-free, solvent is delivered to the surface to be cleaned. Rags are used over and over, and after the first wipe, you can be adding more contamination to the paint than was originally there.

4. Slower Flash-Off Time = Longer Working Time.

An aerosol typically delivers twice as much solvent as a rag, and the amount of solvent put down can be varied. With a rag wipe, you cannot vary amount of solvent as easily.

5. Leaves No Residue if Solvent Dries on the Surface.

Less problems if painted. A rag can deposit previous contamination on the surface and, if allowed to dry, can cause fish-eye paint problems.

6. Reach Areas a Rag Cannot.

The spray can penetrate and clean hard to reach surfaces such as hinges, seams & welds. Rags cannot reach such inaccessible places. The solvent can be sprayed where the paint will eventually be sprayed.

7. More Economical.

The spray is used where needed and only enough to do the job. For get-ready jobs, this eliminates soaking a rag to pick up just a few spots. Also, rag cost is cut in half because only one rag is necessary.

8. Less Surface Scratches.

With only one rag used, scratching of the finish is reduced.

9. More Convenient.

Just try picking up a gallon of solvent, an oily used rag, a clean rag and a can of spray paint to do a small job.