Buffing Pads



Wool Compounding Pad (QWC2) is 100% 4 ply twisted wool, 7 ½” diameter, 1 ½” pile height with centering ring to eliminate wobble.
Yellow Foam Compounding Pad (QFC2) and Black Foam Polishing Pad (QFP2) feature hexagon embossed pattern on pad face for reduced “slinging” of compound, cooler running and improved surface contact. Centering ring eliminates wobble.
Universal Backing Plate (QUBP2) works with Crest Wool and Foam Buffing Pads.
BC1 – The 1 (Quart)
QWC2 – 7 ½” Wool Compound Pad (White)
QFC2 – 8” Foam Compound Pad (Yellow)
QFP2 – 8” Foam Polishing Pad (Black)
QUBP2 – Universal Backing Plate
PMF – 16”x16” Microfiber Detailing Cloths
PPA – White Polish Applicator Pad