An alkyd based paint whose vehicle is comprised of sort-oil Block polymers. The bright, lead-free colours are fade resistant and have heat resistance of up to 176 C (350 F). This air-dry thermosetting enamel can be used for a wide range of applications on wood, metal and fiberglass.

COLOURS (Standard Spray)

E 102 ROYAL BLUE                        E 105 MID BLUE

E 108 FLORIDA ORANGE             E 109 MEDIUM GREY

E 110 RANCH BROWN                   E 111 FOREST GREEN

E 112 SUNSHINE YELLOW           E 114 REAL RED

E 117 GLOSS BLACK                      E 118 GLOSS WHITE

E 119 FLAT BLACK                         E 125 FLAT WHITE

E 132 MIST GREY                            E 116 DEEP GREY

E 134 CHINESE RED                       E 135 EMERALD GREEN

E 140 ALPINE GREEN                    E 141 CITRUS YELLOW

E 143 IMPLEMENT GREEN           E 148 SKY BLUE

E 149 R.V. WHITE                            E 162 CAT YELLOW (New)



Special Instructions

Apply only to a clean, dry surface free from grease, wax, rust, etc.  On previously painted surfaces, test spray in a small         inconspicuous area. Hold can 8″ to 12″ from surface.  Spray in short, overlapping strokes to obtain even coverage.

Do not use a continuous spray. It is better to apply two light coats than one heavy coat. Spray second coat within ½ hour or wait 48 hours for the paint to fully cure. If you miss the ½ hour “window”, the second coat may cause the paint to react and leave the paint with an “orange peel” effect.

Dry Time (under normal conditions)

Set to Touch      5-9 minutes            Tack Free     20-30 minutes

Hard Dry      15-24 hours                  Full Cure Time 48 hours


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