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An ultra-opaque, fast-drying stencil ink for marking steel,    cartons, boxes and drums. Sprays a sharp, clean edge without smearing, smudging or ripping. The handiest way to applyshipping information, product coding, assembly and maintenance instructions. Waterproof and weather-resistant. Penetrates and adheres to any unprepared surface- hot or cold,oily, virtually any porous or nonporous surface. Marks on all surfaces permanently. Dries almost instantly on all surfaces. All colours are flat, no gloss colours are available.

COLOURS (Danvern Standard Spray)

31050 WHITE           31060 RED

31080 BLACK          31110 GREEN

Tan Kover Stencil Ink

The coating that covers and completely hides old stenciling, markings printing and labels on old containers making them reusable. Dries quickly to permit fast handling on shipping docks and production lines. Matches Kraft cartons. High solids formula water proof and weather resistant.



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